Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dish Drainers & Rose Cuttings & Felting

Kitchen counters with very little on them look sleek and wonderful, but they aren't always the most efficient. I like to keep a dish drainer by my sink. It's not the most lovely thing to have on display, but it's quite useful. To make it a little more attractive, I use trays. I am on the watch for different trays to use with each season. I have been looking for a fall one for a few months and finally found this one. It won't see much use this year since it's almost time to switch to a Christmas one. I'm thinking I need to replace the white drainer. Red would be fun. Silver would go with more trays. Or maybe I will have several colors! Fun!
We put out a few knockout roses this year and they are really doing well. My uncle once showed me how to root azaleas by placing a branch on the ground in contact with the dirt and weighing it down with a rock. I am trying that with one of the rose bushes.

I am also rooting a few in pots. They are in a sunny window in the loft. Hopefully, I can put them out next spring. It will be interesting to see what works best.

Another blazer has been dismantled and felted. It was a Pendleton blazer and the colors are pretty. I only got a few decent size pieces, but the smaller pieces with come in handy for embellishments.


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