Sunday, November 15, 2009

Showing Old Dishes a Little Respect

Peter Walsh says you should only keep what you use and love. If something is tucked away in a box, it's not being honored. It's downright disrespectful!

Peter would blow a gasket if he saw the box of china my grandmother gave me. The china has been in a dusty box in the attic at my old house for years. I hated the pull down steps to our attic - I was sure I would be found one day in a heap at the bottom. My solution? Avoid the attic. Anything that went up there was in danger of being forgotten.

When we moved everything came out of the attic and is now in my new attic, which I can easily get to by going up our nice stairway. As I clean out the boxes up there I am finding all sorts of things that have been forgotten, including the dishes my grandmother gave me.

I have used plain white Corning dishes for years. They seemed safe. I never get upset when one of them is broken - which doesn't happen often. They match everything. But I am wondering, why use those when I have china? Who am I saving the china for? When I kick the bucket, they will likely be taken to Goodwill. Starting today, we will be using those dishes!

The pattern is not one that I was crazy about years ago when they were given to me. But I must say, they are growing on me. I have a decent number of pieces -

7 dinner plates
8 dessert plates
8 saucers
7 cups
2 serving bowls
1 platter

I have tried to find out more about them. I know they were produced from 1952 to 1957. They were designed by Russel Wright for Iroquois. They are part of the Interplay line and considered Mid-Century Modern. For awhile there was debate about the designer - there were 3 people in the debate, but apparently the debate is over. It was Wright.

In a 1952 ad for the line, it's said to be "a translucent fine china so rugged... so downright tough... it shrugs almost any kind of abuse. And here, for all it's suave beauty is a china you can cook in... roast, bake, or broil... serve in a step from oven to table."

There were 3 patterns to choose from in this set. I could find the names of two of them - Fleur De Lis and Arabesque. Wouldn't you know it? The one I can't find a name for is the one I have. Even Replacements, LTD just calls this pattern IRO36.
I sure would like to find out more.


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